Perma Pave Process

Perma Pave Resurfacing Process

Does your parking lot or drive suffer from cracks and potholes to the point that it is costing you business? If your parking lot is in need of repair, but you don't feel like investing a small fortune, perhaps Resurfacing your existing asphalt surface could be the answer. While resurfacing may be more cost-effective, how long will it last? Reflective Cracking can affect a newly resurfaced parking lot. What that means is cracks that were in the original asphalt parking lot migrate upward into the newly resurfaced area. This means that the new surface area will develop the same cracks in the same areas as the previously asphalt paved surface more quickly. There is a solution, it's called the Perma Pave Process. This process was specifically designed in conjunction with specially formulated liquid asphalt and bonding agents. Able Asphalt has the experience to deliver maximum results with the Perma Pave Process and provide savings from other more costly (name-brand) alternatives. The Perma Pave Process begins with our free consultation. Our certified representative will inspect the surface of the existing area and provide you with a detailed explanation as to what is required and how the process will be applied. Our process includes:

  • Inspection
  • Sub–Base Reinforcement (if necessary)
  • Surface Patching
  • Elevating Existing Fixtures
  • Edge Milling (if necessary)
  • Perma Pave Process Application
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Why pay more for the same process? It's the experience that counts when resurfacing asphalt. Able Asphalt has the experience and dedication to quality to apply the Perma Pave Process for you. We stand behind our work and our reputation means quality since 1965. Our repair work, tack coat, aggregate, and bonding agents for the Perma Pave Process are the best available in the pavement application market today. Our personnel is highly trained and our equipment is state-of-the-art. All work is certified, licensed and insured.

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